The second set of endorsements of the RLCID is now published.
Every election year the Republican Liberty Caucus, the conscience of the Republican Party, makes primary endorsements and recommendations after spending considerable time vetting candidates based on voting records, candidate questionnaire answers, and previous experience working with other RLC endorsed elected officials.  These endorsements cover county, legislative, state constitutional offices, and recommendations for national Congressional candidates.

The Republican Liberty Caucus does not endorse in every contested race, and may withdraw an endorsement due to voting record changes or in the case of equally matched candidates.  Incumbency is not a factor when considering endorsements.

The Republican Liberty Caucus looks for candidates who best champion the 3 core concepts of limited government, free enterprise, and personal liberty and responsibility. These are concepts 
that the Constitution of the United States and the Idaho Republican Party platform espouse. Candidates are sent a detailed questionnaire with 57 questions that cover multiple topics from abortion to public lands. Candidates are asked questions which reveal both their worldview regarding governance as well as specific policy questions. It has been our pleasure to send this questionnaire to many candidates this year and we have received responses from many candidates.
The RLC of Idaho makes the following endorsements for state and local candidates through the RLCID-PAC, and makes recommendations to the national RLCUSA-PAC for Congressional candidates.  This is the second group of endorsements. See here for our first group of endorsements.

Russ Fulcher for 1st Congressional District

Idaho State Senator Russ Fulcher is a Republican candidate for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.

Raúl Labrador for Idaho Governor

Raúl Labrador is Idaho's 1st Congressional District Representative and is a candidate for Idaho Governor

Janice McGeachin for Idaho Lt. Governor

Janice McGeachin is a former Idaho State Representative and is a candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor.

Vicky McIntyre for Idaho Treasurer

Vicky McIntyre is the Ada County Treasurer and Ada County GOP treasurer and is a candidate for Idaho State Treasurer.

Legislative Candidate Endorsements

D1 Seat A -  Heather Scott
D2 Seat A -  Vito Barbieri
D2 Seat B - John Green
D3 Seat B -  Don Cheatham
D5 Senate - Dan Foreman
D5 Seat A - Hari Heath
D6 Seat B - Mike Kingsley
D7 Seat B - Phil Hart
D8 Seat B - Dorothy Moon
D11 Senate -  Zach Brooks
D11 Seat B -  Tammy Nichols
D14 Senate -  Todd Hatfield
D15 Senate -  Sarah Clendenon
D22 Senate -  Lori Den Hartog
D23 Seat A -  Christy Zito
D24 Seat B -  Rocky Ferrenburg
D28 Senate -  Alan B Curtis
D28 Seat B -  Dennis Spencer
D29 Seat B -  Kevin James Brown
D33 Seat B -  Bryan Zollinger
D34 Seat A - Ron Nate
D35 Seat B - Karey Hanks